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There are two major factors behind this. The first one being marketing. Many casinos today have games that are leased or “participation” games. These games are owned by the manufacturer and the game makers may make the decision at anytime to remove or replace them with newer games they feel guests may play more. Manufactures will often times have stipulations in the contract about placement on the floor as well.

The second major factor is repair. Casinos that have a lot of older model machines or machines they own may dispose of them as parts are simply not being made for them anymore. As they break down, the parts can be difficult to find or expensive. While the public can not directly purchase these machines from casinos, you can purchase them from retailers if your local laws allow. Be sure to check out our community forums buy/sell/trade page if you’re searching for a slot machine for your home!

Machines are not moved around or removed due to either paying too much or too little. Casinos also do not place better paying machines in certain places on the floor.