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Slot machines today are built pretty solid, but they are still machines and malfunctions do happen. Here are the steps you should take if this happens to you or a friend:

  1. Remain calm – Getting upset or angry or lashing out will only make the situation worse. Remember, casinos do not like when this happens because it creates headache for them as well.
  2. Document Everything – Now is the time to take photos or a video of the situation, just remember to be respectful of your surroundings and not record staff or other patrons.
  3. Get a staff member – But, also make sure to stay near the machine. You dont want anyone else coming up to the machine or touching it before management has had a chance to look at it. Be respectful of the staff members and politely ask for a higher up manager or supervisor.
  4. Attempt to rectify on site – The casino wants to work this out as much as you do. Try to reach an amicable solution to the problem. Work with them.
  5. All else fails – If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you always have the option to request info to contact the gaming regulators. This info must be provided if a patron asks for it. Remember to bring with you all documents, photos, videos, and anything else you have to the agency. Remember, this is a government agency so it may not be the fastest outcome.

Please watch this video for a full breakdown and more: