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Volatility in slot machines is a way for you to tell how the manufacturer designed the slot game to play out. You can either have games that are low in volatility or high in volatility and some in between. A low volatility slot machine gives you small wins (at least your bet amount) frequently, but doesn’t have enormous top line jackpot amounts. A high volatility slot machine has the potential for very large wins, but at the cost of many dead spins or spins with less than your bet back. Think of volatility as a risk vs. reward decision for you. If you like to make your bankroll last longer, but still have the potential for an OK win, then stick with low volatile games. If you are a true gambler and like to take big risks, play a high volatility game. Volatility is the biggest factor a player should consider when selecting a slot machine. You can easily determine a low from a high volatile machine by looking at the payable on a slot machine. 

– Higher Volatile = Harder to hit but higher reward 

– Lower Volatile = Better overall chance of a win, more consistent gameplay