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Stand-alone: These are progressives that are linked to the current machine only. No other machines in the casino or other casinos are feeding it. Out of the 3 types of progressives mentioned in this question, this is the only one where you need to make a decision. If you see a bank of machines that are all the same type of base game (Quick Hits for example). It’s smart to look at each of the machines and pick the one that has the highest progressive amount. It’s not because your odds are any different, but wouldn’t you want to win the highest amount possible if you were to hit a progressive? We thought so!

Local-area: These are progressive amounts that are shared amongst many slot machines within a casino. Sometimes they are right next to each other, but sometimes they are spread out around the casino. No advantage play here – just pick one and good luck.

Wide-area: These are your Mega Bucks and Wheel of Fortune progressives. They are shared amongst many casino properties – sometimes jurisdiction or even state-wide. We recommend staying away from these types of games. The payback % settings are usually lower and the odds of hitting the significantly large wide area progressive is extremely small.

Must-Hit By Progressives: These machines have a set point in which they must pay out by. These types of progressives must be labeled clearly as such. A players odds will increase the closer the must hit by number. These are the best types to play!