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Top 50 Slot Machine Myths and Facts answered by techs 🎰 EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SLOTS!


1. What is volatility? 1:29

2. Is the casino able to manipulate the machine based on player card? 2:46

3. Does time of day matter when playing slots? 3:21

4. What is Return to Player (RTP) stats mean? 4:13

5. What does the payback % setting mean? 5:15

6. What are the 5 best slots to play? 6:47

7. Is there an RNG in electronic video slots? (video poker, bj, craps, roulette, etc.) 8:21

8. How many spins should you do on a slot before leaving? 10:00

9. Can a slot machine be set to over 100%? 10:47

10. If someone just put a bunch of money into a machine and then left, is that a good time to go up behind them and play that slot next? 12:07

11. What is a must-hit-by progressive? 13:14

12. What are the different types of progressives? 14:26

13. What is the best way to get the most comps? 16:25

14. Do casinos tighten machines on the weekends or special events? 17:51

15. What is the best way to control your spending in a casino? 19:03

16. If a casino brings a brand new slot in, is it going to be set to payout more since it’s new? 20:40

17. Why do casinos move slot machines around or get rid of them entirely? 21:11

18. If you start playing a machine and it malfunctions, what should you do? Is your money lost? 23:06

19. What is the difference between Class 2 and Class 3 machines? 24:23

20. Are slot machines random? 25:27

21. Why do you like Pinball so much? 26:29

22. Why do you like Top Dollar so much? 27:31

23. Are Class 3 slot machines controlled by a central server? 28:37

24. Do slot machines get β€œhot” or β€œcold”? 30:06

25. When you have to pick 3 symbols during a bonus, is that pre-determined? 31:40

26. Are free spins in a bonus pre-determined? 32:43

27. If you cash out and put the ticket back in, does that reset that machine? 33:43

28. If a machine is idle for a certain period of time, can you take advantage of it? 34:37

29. Do casinos purposely put losing machines in the front and winning machines in the back or vice versa? 35:23

30. When should you play max bet? 36:07

31. Is it better to play 5 lines on a $1 machine or 1 line on a $5 machine? 37:45

32. Why should we stay away from playing penny machines? 38:41

33. Does the odds of the machine change if you use free play? 40:42

34. Is it safe to play on on-line casinos? 41:56

35. Why do you almost always get the mini or minor progressives and not the big ones? 43:41

36. What slots should I play if I have a $500 budget? 44:32

37. Does the machine pay differently if you have a lot of credits on the machine? 45:21

38. Do you have to pay taxes on free play or comps? 46:18

39. What happens to a slot machine if the power suddenly goes off? 46:57

40. Are slots on cruise ships tighter than land based casinos? 48:04

41. Button slappers beware! Damage to slot machines? 49:36

42. Why does it take the slot attendants so long to return with your handpay? 50:28

43. Do you have any end of the year tax advice? 52:57

44. How much should you tip a slot attendant? 53:51

45. If you want to play a slot high in volatility, how should you approach it? 55:45

46. If the casino is going through major renovations, should I stay away from playing for a while? 56:54

47. Why do slot attendants and slot techs open slot machines? 57:23

48. Are slot machines in tournaments programmed differently? 58:50

49. Is Video Poker popular and is it worth playing? 1:00:05

50. Does fast stopping the spin change the outcome? 1:01:18