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Pinball is one of the most popular and loved slot machine games in the casino today and has been for years. The game of pinball was designed by Barcrest Games and produced by IGT back in the early 90’s. Since its release we’ve seen many new versions of the game including the new Pinball Double Gold in the Diamond RS Cabinet released in 2022.

Why is it popular with high limit players especially? Pinball is one of the few bonus games in the higher limits that will almost guarantee a jackpot each bonus you get (almost). It is very easy to get a consistent bonus experience compared to other bonus rounds that may leave you empty handed.

The bonus frequency on Pinball is 1 in 64 (Average) making it one of the more reliable and frequent bonus games. The draw back with pinball is the line hits can be minimal, your really playing for the bonus so with this game you will want to bet Max credits always to fully take advantage of the game if you get bonus.

The bottom line is that its a fun, reliable, and consistent game play experience which is why the game has lasted so long and why it continues to grow in popularity each year.

Check out these videos to learn more about Pinball: