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Know its Official | Avoid the scams

Over the years, Cowboy Slots has boomed in popularity on social media. With that boom also comes imposters. 

We care about your safety. Below you will find the links to our ONLY profiles that are official as well as businesses we support.

Our Official profiles

Cowboy Slots does not have ANY OTHER profiles on any other networks other than what is listed above!
Our Instagram channel is no longer active 

What do you do if you spot a fake?

It’s sad and unfortunate, but scammers are always out to take advantage. Cowboy Slots will NEVER ask for personal information, comment that you have won a prize, or encourage you to click on links that are not our own. 


1. Report the profile to the social media network where you found it.

2. Do not interact, share, comment, or follow any profiles that are not official profiles.

Who we support

Cowboy Slots will only ever support a business or brand if that business meets our strict criteria. Any business we support must be personally used by us, vetted by us, and have a proven track record of providing customers with a quality service.

Cowboy Slots does not accept monetary gain for positive review (pay for positive reviews). All reviews that are given for any product, business, or service are honest and fair. 

Cowboy Slots does not endorse online casinos or sweepstakes that are not legally regulated in the United States.  Sadly many fake profiles out there are attaching products or businesses whom we DO NOT support. Please always ensure you are following our official pages.