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Step 1

The most important first step is to check and see if your state allows you to own a slot machine. NEVER attempted to purchase one in another state and bring it home if you live in a prohibited area!

Step 2

Select a reputable dealer that can offer you a warranty and tech support!
Slot machines can break, it happens, having an authorized dealer with tech support can ease your mind and save you trouble in the long run. Slot Machines Ltd. offers a 6 month warranty as well as 9-5 Tech Support. Shipping is also available!

step 3

Be cautious buying from 3rd party individuals.
You might see slots posted in various places such as in local community sale pages. But be leery as often times you can't be sure that ALL aspects of the machine work or are in a good condition. Slot Machines should be considered as an investment for your home.

step 4

Pick a game you love and want to stick with.
You want to be sure you pick a game you are going to cherish for a long time. Maybe its a game you won on in a casino and want to save that memory! Slot Machines Ltd can help you find the game you are looking for!

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