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Walking the casino floor is critical because not all casinos are going to place like machines and like denominations together. 

Make Mental notes of where denominations are (You will use this in a later step). Also try and remember where machines are that you may want to play.

Avoid Playing right away!

Know your local laws for the casino you are playing at.

Not all devices that look like slot machines are in fact slot machines. Many jurisdictions have ‘slot style’ devices that run off a Bingo System, Lottery, or Historic Horse racing.

Yes you can still win big on these types of games, but some of the next steps may not apply. Look below on this page for resources on these games!

Budgeting is the key to success at slots. YOUR budget is YOUR comfort! Never feel pressured to play more than you can afford to try and play higher.

Count out your budget for the casino visit and the bet amount of machines you will be looking for should not exceed 1% of your bankroll total.

This is where you will use your walk from step 1. After you have determined what 1% of your bankroll is you will proceed back to the floor and look for the highest denomination your budget allows for. 

(EXAMPLE: I Have $1000 to Spend… 1% would be $10… So I am going to look for machines with bet amounts no higher than this. The Highest Denomination I can find is a $5 Slot Machine with a Max Bet of 2 Credits. This will be my starting point!)

Not all slot machines are created equally. Some are designed to pay out more frequently based on the design of the game (This is not a setting) while others reserve higher rewards for more rare occasions.

*REMEMBER! This step goes in tandem with your budget! Pick your style based on your personal bankroll.

LOW VOLATILITY: A Low volatility game is more basic and designed to be slow and steady in its wins. It may also provide better chances for hitting the top line payouts on its payable more often. This style is great for building a bankroll, starting out, and extended visits.

MID RANGE VOLATILITY: A mid range volatility game has more options and fun factor but can also have less rewarding line hits. These games can have fruitful bonus rounds that are more consistent than the next category. Mid Range volatility games are perfect for those who have already built up a bankroll or are working with a larger budget. 

HIGH VOLATILITY: High Volatile games are “big risk for big reward”. These style games tend to have the most flash, options, features, and enticing progressives. While these are some of the funnest games always keep in mind the rewards are harder to obtain and this is by design, not a setting. High Volatile games should be reserved for those with a bankroll able to withstand long periods of dead spins, risk takers, and those where the player is aware of all game rules. 

After you have selected the style of game you want to play, when you sit down at it review the game rules and pay table.

While doing this step you can make a rough determination of the games volatility if you are unsure.

Low volatile games will be basic and straightforward with 3 reels or less and no bonus or multipliers above a 3X. (Double Diamond, Triple Stars, Most Classic 3 reel slots)

Mid Volatility games may have a bonus round or higher multipliers but will still be very simple. (Pinball, Top Dollar, 3x4x5x Pay, Original Buffalo)

High Volatility games will typically have more than 1 bonus round, be very complicated, have long game rules, extended reels, multiple progressives, and more than 3 reels. (Link Games, Pot style filling games, Games with GRAND)

Many slot games require Max Bet to take full advantage of the game. Not playing max can also affect any bonus rounds the game may have.

It is important to always check the game rules to make sure you are not missing out by not playing Max Bet.

If your bankroll does not allow for a Max Credit Bet try and find a lower denomination if the games rules state a max bet is a better bet.

Using a players card has great benefits to slots players. A Slot Machine can not alter any game play by using or not using a players card, this is a myth. 

Not using a players card can impact receiving perks such as Free Play, Comped Rooms, Food, or entries into drawings for money or prizes. 

Using a players card also allows you to get a Win/Loss Statement from the casino at the end of the year for taxes*

*Always consult a licensed tax professional in your area

Casinos are full of myths and superstitions. Believing in slot myths or taking advice from persons not familiar with the workings of slot machines or the gaming industry can severely impact your judgment.

Please always be aware that many myths exist and may sometimes seem to make sense. Falling victim to believing in them can cause players to overspend, make bad judgment calls, and overall lead to non-success in playing slots.

NOTHING A PLAYER CAN DO CAN IMPACT A SLOT MACHINES RESULT! Not fast stopping, not volume, not taking a card out, not coming at a specific time or day. These are all common myths players fall victim to.

Slots can suck you in, we’ve all been there! But setting yourself an upper and lower stopping point is a key to success.

Always use slots for entertainment and not as a means to make money or play with funds you should not be using. 

TAKE BREAKS! The slot machine will still be there when you return.

After each big win or loss, re-evaluate your stopping point.

Millions of people unfortunately have a hard time stopping or feel “on a roll!” In the end, the slot machine will win if you play it long enough.

Cowboy Slots proudly supports responsible gambling and has resources available on this website if you or someone you know feels they may be unable to control the sport of gambling. 

Slots are never a guarantee. Even taking all the proper measures and steps for success they are still producing a random result and you will have winning days and losing days. Over time all of these tips implemented will make you a better, smarter gambler and you will have a better time overall playing slots!


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