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Tips to get you started

Not having luck at the casino or new to slots all together? Here are some helpful videos to set the tone for your next visit! Backed by experts and actual technical reasoning.

Our Best & Worst Slots Picks

Using tech based information, we have collaborated a few short lists of best and worst slot machines to play! You can of course get lucky playing any machine, but these games listed here have some great reasons you may want to play them or maybe avoid them.

Lesson Series to picking Slot Machines

Just starting out or looking to maximize your casino visit? This lesson series is for you! Be sure to watch all 7 of these short episodes in order to get the most out of it!

Tips to get a jackpot & Budgeting

Below are some tips to help you land your first jackpot of hopefully many more to come! As well as proper budgeting in the casino and ways to help better manage your money. At the end of the day, these are still slot machines producing a random result, you can not “trick” it into giving you a jackpot. But by using these proper steps in can help better your chances of leaving a winner!

How Slot Machines Work

Based on technical experience, not myths. These videos will walk you through and demonstrate just exactly how slot machines actually work.

Slot or Not? Different styles of games

You may be shocked to know that many games may look, feel, and act like slot machines but they are not.These videos will explain the different types of games you may encounter and help you identify which one you are playing. In the video below labeled “What is a Slot Machine?” that episode covers a wide variety of games such as HHR, VLT, Bingo, and traditional slot machines!

Common Myths

The casino industry is full of myths. For many years up until recently the industry has been shrouded in mystery which has lead to so many false rumors. Why do myths matter? By believing slot machine and casino myths, it hinders your play and clouds your judgment when you enter a casino. These videos will bust many of the common myths of today, always backed by experts with real casino experience. No guesses, just facts. 

Expert Interviews

Hear it from the horses mouth. These videos are with industry experts to help you better your game play!

Game Reviews

Watch before you play! Or learn something new about your favorite game. Here are some game titles that we have reviewed and graded in categories such as volatility, sounds, visuals, and value for the money!

Home Slot Machine Help

Have a slot machine at home or looking to buy one? Here are some helpful videos! Looking to get a slot machine? Check out our buyers guide in the top menu bar!

Fast Facts

In a hurry and want a fast answer? Check out these facts! Later when you have time, browse our website and videos for detailed explanations of these from actual casino employees and slot techs!

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