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Gambling can be a fun and thrilling time! But without proper budgeting and knowing how to regulate your money, it can lead to difficulties. Follow these tips here to better control your money inside the casino:

  1. Online bring what you can afford to lose. This should be an entertainment budget that if you lost it will not harm your finances.
  2. Leave all accesses to cash at home. Too often, players get caught up in the moment and feel the need to hit the ATM or cashiers cage to make a withdraw, DONT! Leave credit cards and other debit cards at home when you go to prevent this.
  3. Consider using a cash box. These are locking boxes you can find on Amazon where you can lock the box, leave the keys at home, and only add money to it through a slit in the box. This way if you hit a jackpot or get ahead, you can put your winnings aside without the pressure of having it burn a hole in your pocket.
  4. Use the buddy system. Bring a friend or family member you trust to help regulate your spending.
  5. Take Breaks. Regular breaks in the casino is a good thing and it will help to extend your time and the life of your bankroll.

Check out this video for more budgeting: