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Why buy a slot machine?

Transform your home into a haven of excitement by collecting slot machines and crafting the ultimate game room retreat! Dive into a new hands-on hobby that not only captivates but also unites the whole family. Watch as your collection grows, each machine a nostalgic treasure or fond memory of a jackpot won. From piggy banks to electrifying game nights filled with laughter and competition, your game room will become the heart of your home. Spark conversations, relive memories, and create unforgettable moments in a space where fun knows no bounds.

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Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for a particular game, give Slot Machines Unlimited a call at (937) 424-6774​ as they have a massive selection and can assist you in finding the one you are looking for or let you know when one becomes available. Slots for home use are used devices so inventory, pricing, and availability fluctuate greatly. 

YES! All slots that you buy from Slot Machines Unlimited were once in a casino. They will operate the same way.

Slots can be very heavy 300lbs+. Always select a location in your home you like and be sure to always have assistance when trying to move them. Be cautious moving them up or down any stairs. 

YES! Slot Machines Unlimited offers a wide variety of shipping options! Always ensure your state laws allow for the device and have assistance ready on delivery day to move it into place. 

They really don’t use that much. No more than a standard electronic like your home computer. They use a standard plug. Slot Machines are designed to be left on 24/7. It is not recommended to keep the machine powered off as this main drain its internal battery. A good surge protector is highly recommended to protect your device.

Just like with any computer or device, slots will require basic maintenance from time to time. Mostly replacing the internal battery which is an easy, at home repair that can be done quickly by the user. The frequency of Battery replacements will depend on its use and if the device is powered off for longer periods of time. Extend the battery by leaving the device on. Slot Machines Unlimited offers Tech Support to help with your purchase!

This is an option that can be added! Be sure to ask at the time of purchase if you can add a TITO and freeplay system!

YES! When you purchase a slot machine from SMU you can customize what options you want such as a bill validator for reading cash, freeplay, or a ticket system (TITO). Coin Operated slots are much harder to come by and most will not take coins. Coin operated slots also may require additional maintenance. 

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SMU is your go-to destination for slot machine sales, refurbishing, and resale services. Welcome to Slot Machines Unlimited, your trusted partner in the world of slot machines since 1999! Our commitment to providing high-quality used slot machines and parts has made us a leading name in the industry. Founded by Terry Day, we have grown from a backyard operation to the largest wholesaler and dealer of slot machines in the Midwest.

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